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Do you have feelings of worthlessness and confusion? Are you feeling hollow inside, rejected, unhappy, and completely broken, or possibly at the lowest point in your life? I want you to know there IS hope for you! As a survivor of abuse, I’m living proof.

God heard my cry and responded to me with his love, mercy, and grace. I honestly believe my experience in abuse makes me qualified to HELP you with how I was set FREE of the bondage and shame I carried for so long.

Here you’ll learn how to find the freedom I want for you. This may sound cliche, however, you’ll find freedom, forgiveness, and acceptance through God’s grace to Let Go And Let God HELP YOU too.


Sadly, many victims who reach out to churches in times of need receive blame, disbelief, suspicious questions, bad advice, platitudes, and shallow theology instead of care and compassion. Rather than pat answers, victims need practical victim advocacy full of biblical and theological depth.

Lindsey Holcomb

Is This Your Story?

As a young girl, did you dream of living happily ever after with your “prince charming” but life led you down a much different path than you had planned?

Did your husband begin abusing you?

There are various forms of abuse. Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Verbal Abuse, and Sexual Abuse.

Do you walk on eggshells, not knowing what will trigger his next phase of abuse?

Has abuse shattered your identity and impacted your emotional and physical health leaving your self-esteem zero?

If you allow me to do so I want to help you if I can.

Attempted Suicide

Finally FREE: A Story of Healing from Abuse
Click the Image to read my testimony…BUT GOD…(MY TWO FAVORITE WORDS) FREED Me From The Shame And Blame I Carried So For Long

If you read my mini ebook above God opened up a way of hope for me and armed me with the understanding and information I needed to start healing. To crown it all, he gave me a caring, loving, and understanding husband in my second marriage. Now, I’m committed to helping women who have suffered any form of abuse.

Need Help?

Are you scared to confess and/or tell someone you are being hurt? Remember this one thing, sweet friend…LOVE DOES NOT HURT. Unsure? The list is below!

Abuse Checklist
If you are experiencing any of these listed…IT IS ABUSE!!

Trust me I get it. It took me almost 15 years to “get it” but now I could not be happier. God blessed me with a man that I don’t deserve, but I’m thankful for Him, nevertheless. He treats me like a Queen, the opposite of my first marriage. I thank God for sending Mike my way.

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Please read the posts and resources and let me help you.

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